Cain and Able

For those who may not know the story about Cain and Abel, the short version goes like this;

Cain was the first born of Adam and Eve followed in short order by his brother, Abel. Cain was a farmer and Abel was a shepherd. Somewhere along the line they brought offerings of their respective bounty before the Lord and God liked Abel’s sheep but Cain’s fruit, not so much.

Cain got jealous and killed Abel. God came looking for them and asked Cain where was his brother. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Am I my brother’s keeper”? This is where it comes from. Anyway, God, being God, already knew what was up and banished Cain to the land of Nod.

This is where, if taken literally, the story gets a little sticky. First of all, Cain freaks out and is afraid whoever finds him will kill him. The question begs to be asked, who would find him? Up until now there are only the four of them, Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel. Who are these other people?

To make it even more interesting Cain goes to Nod and his wife bears him a son. Wait a second! Where did she come from? Where did the people of Nod come from?

Some will argue that, of course, Adam and Eve had more sons and daughters. They lived hundreds of years so there was plenty of time to populate more than a few cities. Remember, be fruitful and multiply.

But the thing is, taken literally, the next child Adam and Eve had was Seth, who came after Cain killed Abel. The only talk of having ‘other sons and daughters’ comes after the birth of Seth.

If we’re going to take it literally, we don’t get to make up stories to fill in the holes, and this story is littered with holes.1

After the birth of Seth there’s a whole list of people having children who had children who had children, etc.. And since these people were living upwards of 700 years, there was plenty of ‘being fruitful’ going on, and the earth was getting populated.

Not only that, but apparently the sons of God, whoever they were 2, were turned on by the human women and came in unto them, if you know what I mean. These women had children known as ‘mighty men’.3 Apparently these mighty men were giants or supermen or something.

So there you have it, aliens were having sex with human women and creating some sort of hybrid being. I’ll leave it to you conspiracy theorists to figure that one out, but there it is in black and white.4

1 But a lot of people believe it word for word.

2 Angels maybe?

3 Genesis 6:2-4

4 Conspiracy theorists, unite!

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